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Hi-Q Rotor  - In Development

Hi-Q Products, Inc. Alhambra CA, was awarded a grant from the California Energy Commission to develop "cutting-edge research projects" funded by the Public Interest Energy (PIER) Program. Research and development continued with grant funding awarded under the Department of Energy's INVENTIONS & INNOVATIONS program.


The Hi-Q Rotor is a new kind of rotor for wind turbines that is stronger and more stable than conventional 3-blade windmill rotors. As a device “that spins with the slightest flow of air,” the invention is targeted for harvesting wind in low wind sites, Class 2, 3, and 4,and has application in areas that are closer to cities, or “load centers.” Another advantage of the Hi-Q Rotor is that the rotor has non-conventional blade tips and uniquely “organizes wind flow,” thus it produces little air turbulence (vortices), and is quieter than standard wind turbine blades.


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